Agrupación Musical Edetana ‘Vicente Giménez’

The Agrupació Musical Edetana Vicente Giménez was founded in Llíria in 1947 by Vicente Giménez Martí, professor of the Spanish National Orchestra and the Valencia Municipal Orchestra.

The entity has two sections: the chamber orchestra, made up of plucked and rubbed string instruments, and the plucked music orchestra, made up of plucked and pulse instruments and currently conducted by Miquel Maqueda. In 1962 the record company Vergara recorded two 45 r.p.m. vinyls. In 2010 it was released on compact disc and the ‘Serenata Lliriana’ was recorded. The plectrum section has participated on several occasions in the Regional Competition of Rondallas in Valencia, obtaining several first prizes.

Amongst various distinctions, it has been awarded the Medal of Merit of the San Carlos Academy of Fine Arts, the Rotary Club Diploma of Honour and on 22nd September 2014 Llíria Town Council awarded the City Medal for the merits achieved in its musical career.