Banda UDP Llíria-Camp de Túria-Serranos

The U.D.P. Llíria Camp de Túria-Serranos music band, the first European music band made up of older people in Spain, was founded in 1993 in Llíria.

The idea of forming this band of retired people arose at a meeting where the regional MP, Elena Yáñez, asked for new ideas to commemorate the European Year, and Miguel Bañuls, proposed the formation of this regional band. Amador Martinez was its first chief conductor with 35 members.

The band currently has a staff of 45 musicians, many of whom have dedicated their professional lives to music and now, having retired, continue to enjoy their time in this band, with the current conductor Vicente Puchol Calvo, and its president José Zaragozá Novejarque. Throughout these more than 27 years of history this band has offered more than 650 concerts throughout Spain and also in countries such as Andorra, Gibraltar and Portugal.